Sunday, November 6, 2016

Earn $10,000.00 to $300,000.00 per Month from Condos with 1 post

How it works . Email me at [Image: busy3.png] We sell condos for a particular price by builders, you add an extra $30,000 or so to the price . When buyers see that condo and make a down-payment , you get $70% of that extra amount you added on [Image: developer.jpg] Example: Condo originally for $300,000.00 , we sell it through you for $330,000 Customer will be required to make a down payment of $30,000 to secure the Condo for sale . If customer is interested in a particular condo they will first send you an email . You get 70% of that $30,000 sent directly wired to your bank account or through us .. That's an easy sweet $21,000 for the month in your bank account. Do this from anywhere in the world . [Image: Mercer-by-Cressey-Rendering-Mike-Stewart...ealtor.jpg] Why it's so easy
  • We promote the condos you are representing on a busy marketplace where people flock.
  • You are selling condos for developers in which you get 70% of the down-payment.
  • Easy fast money very little work , just reply to emails when buyers inquire about paying down.
  • People are hurrying to buy condos in Toronto, Vancouver and Florida due to the current Real Estate Bubble .
[Image: 5482344ea4984c1b0c25d7ab_1418323318_photo.jpg] Young buyers, not snowbirds, driving Florida’s hot real-estate market [Image: cost-of-living-alison-and-zach-803x603.jpg] One trend we’ve seen recently is a move toward developers building three-bedroom condo units to satisfy the growing appetite for larger strata homes as families get priced out of detached homes and townhomes lack supply. The City of New Westminster likes the idea so much that they’re mandating a minimum 10 per cent of three-bedroom units in new developments as of New Year’s Day 2016

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